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Village of Norridge, Illinois
Est. 1948
Monday, August 21, 2017

Village Hall
4000 N. Olcott Avenue
Norridge, Illinois 60706-1199
(708) 453-0800
Fax (708) 453-9335
Monday - Friday:9am to 5pm
Saturday: 9am to 12 noon
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Notices of foreclosures and confirmation orders should be sent to the:

Village of Norridge
Attn: Village Clerk
4000 N. Olcott Avenue
Norridge, IL 60706

Street Maintenance:

In order to effective clean the streets after a snow fall, or to do routine street maintenance, the Village of Norridge has year round street maintenance days. On your regularly scheduled street maintenance day (signs are posted on your streets) you will have to move your car during the hours of 8-1. The only exception to this rule is if your street maintenance day falls on one of the six (6) Village Holidays:
• New Year’s Day
• Memorial Day
• Fourth of July
• Labor Day
• Thanksgiving Day
• Christmas Day

On these holidays ONLY, you will not have to move your car.

Street Light Outages:

Please report any street light outages to the Village of Norridge at 708-453-0800. Once an outage is reported, please allow 2-3 days for repair. Some repairs do require more extensive work and will take longer to fix.

Alley lights are the property of Commonwealth Edison. Please contact the Village Hall to report the outage, however, these repairs could take up to a week depending on Commonwealth Edison.

Parkway Repair:

Any damage done by our snowplows or water-break crews will be fixed in the spring, after the weather warms up and when sod becomes available. Once the new sod has been laid, you are responsible for properly watering it until it takes. Any new sod that dies due to neglect will not be replaced.

Parkway Trees:

To help with the continued beautification of our Village, our residents can purchase a tree to be planted on their parkway for only $15.00. We have a selection of trees to choose from and we have two planting season, Spring and Fall. A complete description and pictures of the trees can be found on this website. AT THIS TIME THE TREE PROGRAM HAS BEEN SUSPENDED, PLEASE CHECK BACK FOR FUTURE UPDATES.

Removal of Parkway Trees:

It is the policy of the Village of Norridge that NO healthy parkway tree will be removed. If you suspect that your tree is dying or diseased, please contact the Village Hall and we will have our arborist come out and evaluate the tree. If it is determined that it is dead, the Village will remove the tree at our expense. You will be asked to come into the Village Hall and choose a new replacement tree. The cost to you is only $15.00.


What should I do with my car while I am on vacation?

Residents who do not have off-street parking facilities such as a garage, driveway or slab, need to make arrangements to either have their car moved by a friend or neighbor, or have their car stored at a garage during vacations.

Why is snow pushed into my driveway by snowplows?

As the plows pass driveways, snow will roll off the edge of the side-discharge snowplow into the driveway, an unavoidable result.

Every time a snowplow comes down my alley, it plows the snow up against my garage and I have to shovel out. Why does this happen?

The V-shaped plows used to clear alleys of snow, distributes snow evenly to both sides. It is not possible for the driver to pick up the plow in the middle of the alley.

What if there is damage to my parkway from a water-break?

All parkway repairs are done in the spring after the weather warms up (usually by late May). The homeowner is responsible for the watering of the new sod. Any sod that dies of neglect will not be replaced.

What if I think my tree is dead?

Contact the Village Hall and request an evaluation. If the tree is dead, the Village will remove it at no cost to you. You will need to purchase a replacement tree for $15.00.
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