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Village of Norridge, Illinois
Est. 1948
Friday, August 18, 2017

Village Hall
4000 N. Olcott Avenue
Norridge, Illinois 60706-1199
(708) 453-0800
Fax (708) 453-9335
Monday - Friday:9am to 5pm
Saturday: 9am to 12 noon
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Notices of foreclosures and confirmation orders should be sent to the:

Village of Norridge
Attn: Village Clerk
4000 N. Olcott Avenue
Norridge, IL 60706

JULIE Information
What is JULIE?
JULIE, Inc. (Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators) also known as the “Illinois One-Call System,” is a not-for-profit corporation that provides homeowners and professional excavations with a toll-free number for the free locating and marking of underground facilities.  JULIE serves as a message handling, notification service for underground facility owners, taking information about planned excavation and distributing this information to its membership.  It is then the responsibility of each facility owner to mark the location of their underground facilities at the excavation site.  JULIE neither owns nor marks any underground facilities.
Why Call JULIE?
Calling before you dig is the law.  Besides, digging responsibly is the smartest way to dig.  The impact of unsafe or careless digging practices is real and often costly –in terms of personal injury and damage to underground utility lines, property and the environment.
When do I call JULIE?
Anyone planning an outdoor project that requires and type of digging in Illinois, regardless of depth or project size, should CALL JULIE BEFORE THEY START DIGGING.  For homeowners or contractors considering any improvements or repairs, following a few precautions can help avoid a painful and costly accident. 
REMEMBER CALL BEFORE YOU DIG 800-892-0123 or 811
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The Village of Norridge requires JULIE Dig Numbers on all types (before issuance of a permit) of project including:

Decks and Patios
New Construction
Swimming Pools
Lawn Sprinkler Systems

Homeowner's Guide to JULIE
Excavation Handbook

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Established in 1974, JULIE represents more than 1,700 utility members.  For additional information and answers to commonly asked questions visit www.illinois1call.com .


Ronald A. Oppedisano - Trustee & Chairperson - Streets, Sidewalks and Alleys and Information Technology
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