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Village of Norridge, Illinois
Est. 1948
Monday, August 21, 2017

Village Hall
4000 N. Olcott Avenue
Norridge, Illinois 60706-1199
(708) 453-0800
Fax (708) 453-9335
Monday - Friday:9am to 5pm
Saturday: 9am to 12 noon
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Notices of foreclosures and confirmation orders should be sent to the:

Village of Norridge
Attn: Village Clerk
4000 N. Olcott Avenue
Norridge, IL 60706

Counterfeit Money

How To Detect Counterfeit Money
The public has a role in maintaining the integrity of U.S. currency. You can help guard against the threat from counterfeiters by becoming more familiar with United States currency.

Look at the money you receive. Compare a suspect note with a genuine note of the same denomination and series, paying attention to the quality of printing and paper characteristics. Look for differences, not similarities.

The genuine portrait appears lifelike and stands out distinctly from the background.
The counterfeit portrait is usually lifeless and flat. Details merge into the background
which is often too dark or mottled.

Federal Reserve and Treasury Seals
On a genuine bill, the saw-tooth points of the Federal Reserve and Treasury seals are
clear, distinct, and sharp. The counterfeit seals may have uneven, blunt, or broken
saw-tooth points.

The fine lines in the border of a genuine bill are clear and unbroken. On the counterfeit, the lines in the outer margin and scrollwork may be blurred and indistinct.

Serial Numbers
Genuine serial numbers have a distinctive style and are evenly spaced. The serial
numbers are printed in the same ink color as the Treasury Seal. On a counterfeit,
the serial numbers may differ in color or shade of ink from the Treasury seal. The
numbers may not be uniformly spaced or aligned.

Genuine currency paper has tiny red and blue fibers embedded throughout. Often
counterfeiters try to simulate these fibers by printing tiny red and blue lines on their
paper. Close inspection reveals, however, that on the counterfeit note the lines are
printed on the surface, not embedded in the paper. It is illegal to reproduce the distinctive
paper used in the manufacturing of United States currency.


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