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All inspections are to be scheduled not less than 24 hours prior to the inspection date requested. All exposed construction materials should be brought up to applicable code requirements.

Rough Inspection is required before work is either closed or covered. Failure to obtain a rough inspection can result in the inspector requiring removal of any building materials or fill to allow the inspectors to observe the code requirements have been met.

Final Inspection is required upon completion of all work prior to the expiration of the permit. Failure to obtain a final inspection prior to the expiration of the permit can result in a violation penalty.

If multiple return inspections are required for the same code violation, a $25.00 fee will be charged per visit until the inspection is approved.

For electrical and plumbing inspections, a qualified person will need to be on the job during the inspection to answer any questions.

Inspection Checklist

  1. Pre-Pour Footing Forms - Building Inspector
  2. Pre-Pour Foundation Forms - Building Inspector
  3. Drain tile and Waterproofing - Plumbing Inspector
  4. First Floor Decking Inspection or Walls braced - Building Inspector
  5. Temporary Electric Service - Electric Inspector
  6. Underground Plumbing - Plumbing Inspector
  7. Pre-Pour Basement Floor - Building Inspector
  8. Ice Shield and Roof - Building Inspector
  9. Electrical Rough-In - Electric Inspector
  10. Plumbing Rough-In - Plumbing Inspector
  11. Structural or Framing Rough-In - Building Inspector
  12. HVAC Rough-In - Building Inspector
  13. Insulation Rough-In - Building Inspector
  14. Water Tap Rough-In - Plumbing Inspector
  15. Sewer Rough-In - Plumbing Inspector
  16. Pre-Pour Garage Slab - Building Inspector
  17. Pre-Pour Concrete Exterior - Building Inspector
  18. Structural or Framing Final - Building Inspector
  19. Roof Final - Building Inspector
  20. HVAC Final - Building Inspector
  21. Electrical Final - Electric Inspector
  22. Plumbing Final - Plumbing Inspector
  23. Water Final - Plumbing Inspector
  24. Sewer Final - Plumbing Inspector
  25. Excavation Final - Building Inspector
  26. Final Exterior - Building Inspector
  27. Other
  28. Other

This sheet is only meant for inspections that pass, not failed inspections. This list is not meant to be comprehensive; inspectors may require addition inspections during the duration of the project. Remember to call minimum 24 hours in advance for an inspection; however we do not guarantee the 24 hours. Most inspections occur between 8:30 am and noon; we do not give a specific time for morning inspections.

Inspection Checklist Explanation

  1. When the footing forms have been set (before the concrete is poured).
  2. When the footing has been inspected and poured and the foundation forms have been set (before the concrete is poured).
  3. When the foundation forms have been removed, the drain tile is installed and walls waterproofed.
  4. When either the first floor decking has been installed or the interior walls have been braced.
  5. When the electric service and panel have been installed, (awaiting temporary hookup from ComEd).
  6. When the underground plumbing has been put in place (before the concrete has been poured).
  7. When the reinforcement, vapor barrier, and chalk line on exterior wall is completed (before the concrete is poured).
  8. When the ice/water shield has been applied (before the roofing material is placed).
  9. When the electric has been installed (before the drywall is installed)
  10. When the plumbing has been installed (before the drywall is installed).
  11. When the building is framed, fire blocking, bracing, and roof decking has been installed (before the drywall is installed.) Electric and Plumbing rough inspections must have been approved.
  12. When the HVAC ductwork has been installed (before the drywall is installed).
  13. When the insulation is installed. (Framing, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing have been approved.)
  14. When the trench has been dug and the water tap is complete (before backfill).
  15. When the trench has been dug and the plumbing and cleanouts are complete (before backfill).
  16. When the garage slab has been framed (before the concrete is poured).
  17. When any walks, floors, slabs, have been framed. (Before the concrete is poured)
  18. When the drywall and interior finishing has been completed.
  19. When the roofing material has been applied.
  20. When the HVAC has been completed and tested.
  21. When the electric has been completed, fixtures installed, panel labeled, and operational.
  22. When the plumbing has been completed, fixtures installed and operational.
  23. When the plumber has installed the meter and the Water Department installed the MTU.
  24. When the trench is covered the sewer is operational with cleanouts in the appropriate areas.
  25. When the street has been repaired, the parkway has been restored, and the grading around the structure has been completed.
  26. Any type of fencing, walks, patios, landscaping, and drives are completed.
  27. Open for other required inspections along the way.
  28. Open for other required inspections along the way.

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