Honor Guard

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The Norridge Police Department Honor Guard is the ceremonial unit of the Police Department. Originally formed in 1998, it is comprised of seven officers. This group of officers is responsible for upholding the long-honored traditions of the Police Department and is committed to remembering those who have fallen before them. The Honor Guard participates in the following activities: Funerals, Graduations, Sporting Events, and Village Ceremonies. The Honor Guard regularly meets to practice military-style drills and ceremony etiquette.


  • Sergeant Nicholas Rice 
  • Corporal Vaughn Watts
  • Officer Paul Malicki
  • Officer Eliot Cortez
  • Officer Richard Golebiowski
  • Officer Brian Dongarra
  • Retired Officer Robert Crimmins

Left to Right:  Paul Malicki, Robert Crimmins, Nicholas Rice, Cpl. Vaughn Watts
Left to Right:  Officer Paul Malicki, Officer Robert Crimmins, Sergeant Nicholas Rice, Cpl. Vaughn Watts

Left to Right:  Paul Malicki, Robert Crimmins
Left to Right:  Paul Malicki, Robert Crimmins