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Ridgewood High School Receives Soundproofing Funds

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ridgewood High School to Receive Soundproofing Funds 
Norridge, IL  - On October 27, Ridgewood High School received word that the school will qualify for funding for soundproofing work to insulate the school from the effects of air traffic from O’Hare International Airport as part of the School Sound Insulation program monitored by the O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission.  This program, the largest of its kind in the world, is funded through the City of Chicago’s Department of Aviation and the Federal Aviation Administration.  To date, this program has helped over 100 schools in the vicinity of O’Hare provide their students with a better learning environment.
Dr. Robert Lupo, Superintendent of Ridgewood District 234, points out that all of the other schools in Norridge and Harwood Heights – the two communities served by Ridgewood – have been insulated.  “We have waited over eight years to be approved for this funding,” said Lupo.  “We are glad for this opportunity to improve our school.  We are grateful for the support of Representative Jan Schakowsky in this effort.  Without that support, we wouldn’t be able to make this announcement today.  I also want to thank the ONCC, especially Mayor Arlene Mulder, Chair of the Commission, Dr. Raymond Kuper, Chair of the School Sound Insulation Committee, and Judith Dunne Bernardi, Norridge Village Clerk and Treasurer of the ONCC, for all of their hard work and support in this effort.  They have spent countless hours working on behalf of the students, staff and the entire Ridgewood community to make this happen.”
In addition to soundproofing the building, Lupo estimates that the work will help reduce the district’s energy costs by about 20%.  The district awaits further discussions with the FAA to determine the scope of the work and a timeline for completion.
Ridgewood Sound Insulation Group Photo

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