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Village of Norridge, Illinois
Est. 1948
Monday, August 21, 2017

Village Hall
4000 N. Olcott Avenue
Norridge, Illinois 60706-1199
(708) 453-0800
Fax (708) 453-9335
Monday - Friday:9am to 5pm
Saturday: 9am to 12 noon
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Notices of foreclosures and confirmation orders should be sent to the:

Village of Norridge
Attn: Village Clerk
4000 N. Olcott Avenue
Norridge, IL 60706

Water Department Information

Water Rates effective
Residential/School/Parks 05-01-2016
Minimum Bi-Monthly Billing - $33.00 for up to but not exceeding 6,000 gallons.
$0.00550 for each gallon over the minimum.
$9.00 Bi-Monthly Infrastructure Maintenance Fee (per unit)

Commercial/Industrial 05-01-2016
Minimum Monthly Billing - $43.50 for up to but not exceeding 6,000 gallons.
$0.00725 for each gallon over the minimum.
$4.50 Monthly Infrastructure Maintenance Fee (per unit)
Construction – Non-metered
Residential -   $252.00
Commercial - $576.00
Water Billing
The due date is clearly bolded and noted on your water bill.  Payment must be received on or before 5:00 PM on the due date.  Penalty fees will be charged the next day after the due date.  A ten percent penalty will applied if paid after the due date.
Payment should be mailed at least five days before the due date.  Payments are accepted at the front counter in the Village Hall.  A drop box is available near the front entrance of the Village Hall.
The Village of Norridge is pleased to announce a new feature available to water bill customers-ACH (Automatic Payment Program).  Many of you have been asking and it is now here.  The Village will now be able to deduct  your water bill payment on a regular basis out of your checking or savings account.  With today’s hectic lifestyle, the Village of Norridge was looking for a way to ease the burden of getting your water payment to us. We understand it is tough to get your payment to us on those snowy days in December so why worry.  How does it work? Your payment is electronically transferred from your bank to our bank and credited to your water account at the Village of Norridge on the due date. You will continue to receive a statement for your records, but you will no longer have to write checks, waste a stamp, or come to the Village Hall to pay your water bill.  The system is completely secure and adheres to all privacy standards.
Complete the ACH application by clicking here.
Change of Billing Name
In order to register a name on the water billing, you must bring into the Village Hall, closing papers or a current lease. Changes must be made in person within fifteen days of residency.
Real Estate Transfer
A final water bill must be paid 2-3 days prior to closing and the issuance of a Property Transfer Stamp.   
Turn water off or on is $50.00 for Residential property.
Turn water off or on is $100.00 for Commercial property.
The fine for a defaced/broken water seal or meter tampering is $1000.00.
Service Charge
A $20.00 service charge is applied per check that is returned and not honored by our bank. Each account is then subject to immediate shut-off procedure.
Watering Regulations
No water shall be used for sprinkling gardens or lawns between 12:00 noon and 6:00 PM from May 15th to September 15th.
High Water Bill
Most high water bills are due to leaks.  Check toliets, sinks, tubs, furnaces, humidifiers, hot water tanks, sprinkler systems, ice makers and water heated/cooled systems.   All metered water usage is billed.
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