Early Detection Siren System

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In the Village of Norridge, you may have heard sirens and signals going off depending on the day of the week, your location, and the weather conditions outside your door. The Norwood Park Fire Protection District has an Early Detection System that will send alerts and pre-recorded messages over speakers to alert you of problems, and the Norridge Park District has a lightening detection system.

The Norwood Park Fire Department has an Early Detection System that will either sound off with sirens or voice recordings. The M.A.B.A.S. Division along with NORCOMM will coordinate the activation with the Fire Department to set the system off.

For example, one such announcement might be for a tornado:


After this announcement, you will hear the siren sounded. At this time, please proceed to your basement with a flashlight and battery-powered radio. Stay in the southeast corner, away from all windows. Listen to your radio for further information from the National Weather Service. This system is tested on the first Tuesday of every month at 10:00 A.M. This tone will last approximately 1 minute. In keeping with the policy of the National Weather Service, the issuance of an “all clear” statement will not be issued by the Norwood Park Fire Protection District. If you are requesting “all clear” information, please monitor commercial radio and television for further weather information.

The Norridge Park District has a lightning prediction system that consists of sensors measuring electrostatic charges at ground level and in the atmosphere. These electrostatic charges, invisible to the naked eye, build prior to lightning occurrences. When conditions indicate that a lightning occurrence is probable, a signal is sent to two alarm horns and to strobe lights located at the Norridge Park Field House. The system is operational during park hours from April 1st to mid-November.

Norridge Park District Procedures are to be followed when potentially dangerous weather exists:

Warning Signal

A Warning Signal (one long 15 second horn blast) will sound and strobe lights will activate when a potentially dangerous weather situation is approaching. The strobe lights are mounted on the top of the Norridge Recreation Field House. If the strobe lights are activated, a potentially dangerous weather situation exists.


All activities in the park will end immediately and patrons must leave the park. It is recommended that park patrons seek shelter in their cars or a building. Patrons should avoid areas that are higher than the surrounding landscape. They should not use a tree for shelter, and they should keep away from metal objects such as bicycles, golf clubs, umbrellas, etc. All park patrons must wait until the Lightning Prediction System performs an all clear signal before returning to the park.

All Clear Signal

The all clear signal (three short horn blasts, two seconds apart) will sound, and the strobe lights will de-activate. After the all clear signal sounds and the strobe lights de-activate, park patrons may resume their activities. This all clear signal is given by the Thor Detection System and is separate from the Early Detection System.


The Thor Guard System helps assess the conditions. Neither the signal, nor the system, is intended to guarantee that conditions are safe. If the weather is threatening, and no warning signal is heard or seen, use good judgment and clear the field. Do not wait for the warning signal to activate, as the system can malfunction.

The Village also utilizes its Connect CTY Service to send pre-recorded messages to you in the event of an emergency. Please check out that portion of the web site for further information. Sign up via the web or by walking into the Village Hall. The Village will use this system to provide you with information in the event of a disaster and procedures and actions we are taking at the time. Due to the number of people we need to call and the time it takes to process the call we would not be able to notify you unless we had advanced warning.