Aclara Star Reading System

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The Water Department utilizes the Star Automatic Meter Reading System to read every meter in the Village each day. The Star System is an advanced reading system that delivers comprehensive usage information through a secure, long range wireless network. The Star System Meter Transmission Unit (MTU) is a sealed module that is connected to your water meter. The MTU reads the meter and forwards the meter data on a wireless channel to the Data Collector Units. The Data Collector Units (DCUs) receive, process and store the information received from the MTUs and then forward the information to the Network Control Computer. The Network Control Computer (NCC) collects, validates, processes, and stores the data.

Star System Diagram

The NCC generates customer records, management information, and diagnostic reports which enables our billing and customer service departments to work efficiently in servicing our 5,500 meters. The Star System provides high/low/zero water consumption reports that assist us in locating and correcting problems promptly. Our department makes phone calls, sends letters and does outside service visits to ensure our customers receive the best service possible.

For more information visit the Aclara Star System website.