Important Information from the Water Department

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  • Watering Regulations – No water shall be used for sprinkling gardens or lawns between 12:00 noon to 6 p.m. May 15th through September 15th.
  • Inform the Water Department at 453-0319 if your property is going to be vacant for more than thirty days. Provide us with a contact phone number so we may contact you if we are alerted to a possible water leak.
  • Notify the Water Department if your home is not heated during construction or vacancy. You may want to consider having the water turned off at the Buffalo Box to prevent broken pipes, frozen meters and leaks.
  • Advise the Water Department prior to disconnecting a water meter for any type of piping repair. The fine for a broken meter seal is $1000.
  • Advise the Water Department if you are doing construction near the water meter or meter transmission unit. The meter transmission unit is a grey box connected by a wire to your water meter.
  • The transmission unit will look similar to the below units. You are responsible for a lost or damaged transmission unit. The replacement cost is $200.00.

Aclara MTU 1